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Forthcoming Events




Saturday 9 June 2018 at 9.30am to 4pm

Donations: £45.00
Students: £20.00


Nearest tube Holland Park Avenue (10 minute walk).




Morning: 9.30am to 12.30am   Break for lunch, found locally, or BYO.  Afternoon: 2pm-4pm

Tea and coffee only provided.

For enquiries only please call 07887 506848

More information can be found at

Interview with David Hykes:

Q: Could you explain the basic concept of harmonics?

A: The general undertitle that I use in retreats and seminars is The Music of the Spheres and the Harmonics of Being. Whether we approach harmonics from an artistic, spiritual, scientific, metaphysical, musical, cosmological or acoustical perspective, harmonic presence is everywhere throughout the universe. It is present in how nature, energy and form arise, remain, and disappear -- the wave-like, impermanent nature of all phenomena. The endless cycles… arising, remaining, disappearing… understanding this in all octaves is the key to our liberation -- to the awakening of our Buddha Nature, to the awakening within the Holy Sun Absolute. Pure primordial awareness free of identification… the spontaneous nature of the arising of all phenomena… how the transparent, immaculate original Seeing Light, embodying mind and space as one, gazes impartially on the phenomenal surge. How silent we are and how aware we are… these together can transform us so completely that we witness with profound feeling this omnipresent arising, remaining, and dissolving of all phenomena. Our pure perception can become a constant OFFERING, a constant ACCOMPANIMENT to "all that is."

On the human level, it’s an attempt to embody a music that includes the spheres of our own harmonic being, so that our FULL-SPECTRUM EXPERIENCE is that of being awakened "first responders in the present moment," through development of our pure vibrational qualities -- compassion, loving-kindness, tolerance, selflessness, humility, confidence, clarity, good will toward oneself and others, the capacity to listen to, attune to, accompany and harmonize with beings and phenomena in any octave, any moment in this "multi-tiered reality", as Lord Pentland once described it. The quality of our manifestations (or harmonic vibrations, if you prefer) is always equal to the spectral quality energy of which we are composed. 

Simply in terms of "hearing harmonics" and "making harmonics", many people who get interested in this kind of sound have fairly specific associations, limited often to world music from central Asia -- Tuva, Mongolia, Tibet… That limited definition doesn’t work for me, because harmonics are the nature of all musical sound -- the DNA of all music, in every sphere. It is found at various levels, or octaves, throughout the universe. Just like light, heat, gravity… harmonic presence is universal. 

Then there is the "healing sounds" approach -- which if I may be permitted a little friendly jab, has very largely inspired itself from our Harmonic Presence work since 1975. Some people consider that there is an automatic healing sound aspect to harmonics and I find that quite naïve, when it is without the necessary musical and spiritual and psychological knowledge behind it. 

What is also necessary to understand is that harmonics are not just quantitative, i.e. something you measure in sound, whether in the cosmic microwave background or in the spectral analysis of musicology, or as those naive New Age snake-oil ideas about "magic frequencies," but something QUALITATIVE. There are subtle levels of vibration, subtle octaves, that go far deeper and further in ourselves than anything merely sonic. Only deep contemplative work can help us be in necessary harmonic state of being -- ever-more deeply silent, ever-more deeply aware, ever-more deeply spacious -- to "pass through the narrow gate" of our habitual, noisy, egoistic identifications -- the dead zones in the sea of being -- and truly find the pure primordial qualities of being. Since there are so many self- appointed "harmonic experts," "sound healers", etc. now, not to mention the shallow virtuosity problem of many harmonic vocal performers, it's really worth being careful about the trap of confusing one's local noise with anything of an authentically greater nature. The more "humble pie" we eat, the better. Period. 

The study, practice and cultivation of harmonic qualities, the harmonics of being, the vibrations of being, is so much more interesting, vital and organically far-reaching inside ourselves, and in terms of how we relate to ourselves, to others, to life just as it is, to nature…

So, anyway, in the Harmonic Presence work, we try as best we can to practice in a way that includes these 3 main dimensions -- the music of the spheres dimension, the contemplative dimension, and the healing harmonization dimension. The point is to accompany with compassionate awareness the wave-like arising-remaining-and-dissolving of all phenomena, within and without. When thanks to the blessings of the teachers, the right relationship with the vibrational seed of all being is attuned, we are finally liberated, and we can joyfully serve anywhere, in any moment -- ACCOMPANIMENT.


BUDDHA SERIES.74. © David Hykes 2011

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DAVID HYKES with Elizabeth Nott (frame drums)

Sunday 10 June 2018 at 7.00PM

Donations: £12.00
Students: £6.00

David Hykes is a visionary composer, singer, musician, artist, and teacher of contemplative music called harmonic chant  which blends music, meditation, training and healing harmonisation practices. His practice derives from an early study of Mongolian overtone singing (also called 'throat singing') which he was one of the first in the west to discover.  Those familiar with the film about the young Gurdjieff called  "Meetings with Remarkable Men" will be interested to know that it was the voice of David Hykes which reverberated in the hills and won the ashok's competition at the start of the film (although David is not seen on film).

'David Hykes has opened a new dimension in music bringing us the music of the spheres. It is the music of overtones which holds sway throughout the universe… As music, these wondrous sounds retain an extraordinary mystery, for they make every listener feel humble and yet part of the great Whole.'     Yehudi Menuhin

More information can be found here:



For enquiries only please call  07887 506848

Image "108 Harmonic Visions" series by David Hykes © 2018 

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